“I try to capture the personality in each image and make it come alive in the painting. My focus is always the light...without light, there is no color...without color, cloudy grey hides the sunshine, preventing a deadbolt from unlocking the possibility of a Golden expression. The ability to see the light excites me, and like a child plays, the world around me becomes my canvas. Emerald greens, fire engine reds, ocean blues, and Canary yellows are accented with dark blacks and light whites. Methodically and unknowingly my paint-filled brush dances across a stark white canvas with wild colors, and before I have time to breathe, the hands of the clock have blessed me with a new day. Born, from an artistic process that mysteriously stems from within me, is a new representation of life... a painting!” 


After 22 years, Paula is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to return to Houston. She shares her artwork in the windows of Main Street’s CVS and Food Network’s featured restaurant, Bombay Pizza. Additionally, Paula’s paintings hang in Downtown Houston's Aloft Hotel, and her pieces adorn picture windows overlooking the tunnels under Main Street Square. Recently, Paula's art was chosen to fill a new commercial office building, Office Evolution, located on the west side of Houston's Beltway 8. 


"Art, of any form, is my true passion; however, painting allows me the opportunity to relax, to connect, and to visually express my ideas and thoughts to others. Recently, I met with a group of local artists. My hope is that by inspiring others, new doors will open to those who have never been given the opportunity to paint, but who have always wanted to try. Painting can heal the wounded and brighten a soul."

Paula developed and remains true to her own technique. “I choose colors I like, most of them electrically bright. I don’t have a specific plan for each color; my eye, my heart and my spirit help guide me. Before my eyes blink, my heart races, or my spirit sky-rockets, the sketch beneath is covered with thick paint. I knowingly place it on the canvas like soft snowflakes blanket a frozen ground. Unveiling my creation reveals the contents behind a locked door. I see the light, which continues to be my guide, always my main focus!'